Sunday, August 31, 2014

How to Start a Wedding Planning Business

Wedding Planning Business
If you love weddings and have a very organized personality, starting your own wedding planning business may be the right choice for you. This type of business is fun and exciting. You can help happy couples plan the weddings of their dreams. Read on to learn more.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Start a Business Selling Precious Gems and Stones

Gems and Stones BusinessA Gemstone or Gem (also called a precious or semi-precious stone, a fine gem, or jewel) is a piece of mineral, which, in cut and polished form, is used to make jewelry or other adornments. However certain rocks (such as lapis lazuli), or organic materials that are not minerals (such as amber or jet), are also used for jewelry, and are therefore often considered to be gemstones as well. Most gemstones are hard, but some soft minerals are used in jewelry because of their luster or other physical properties that have aesthetic value. Rarity is another characteristic that lends value to a gemstone. Apart from jewelry, from earliest antiquity engraved gems and hardstone carvings such as cups were major luxury art forms. The carvings of Carl FabergĂ© are significant works in this tradition.

Selling precious gems and stones can be as simple as setting up a small stand at a craft fair or can become a much larger business that includes jewelry design. Whether you just want to sell the stones and gems themselves or you want to delve into jewelry and other gem stone uses, you can make a lucrative part- or full-time income doing either.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Make Money with Paulownia/Empress Tree Plantation

Paulownia Tree Plantation
Paulownia tomentosa (common names empress tree, princess tree or foxglove tree) is a deciduous tree in the familyPaulowniaceae, native to central and western China, but invasive in the USA. Paulownia tomentosa is the fastest growing tree in the world. Material quality of the paulownia wood is very special and perfect for wide range of applications. Compared with other species of wood.

Paulownia trees are part of about 17 species and belong to the family Paulowniaceae. These trees are native to China, are found in the region such as Laos and Vietnam, but are also found in Japan and Korea. Paulowina are deciduous trees and have a height of 12-15 m, the leaf is heart shaped and has a diameter of 15-40 cm. Paulownia trees are growing very rapidly in the first years of life grows about 3 m per year. Some species of Paulownia can be planted for timber and can be cut in less than five years. These trees are also called PHOENIX trees, due to their ability to regenerate very quickly.

The characteristic large size of the young growth is exploited by gardeners: by pollarding the tree and ensuring there is vigorous new growth every year, massive leaves are produced (up to 60 cm across). These are popular in the modern style of gardening which uses large-foliaged and "architectural" plants.