Advertise Your Business

Advertise Your Business
Effective advertising gets you the best return on your investment. In other words, the best ways to advertise your business are the ones that have low costs but reach a wide audience. According to Business, limiting your advertising to a company website or the occasional postcard in the mail to prospects is not the best way to advertise your company. Good advertising requires planning and creativity.

Become an Expert

According to, you are a valuable advertising asset to your company. Spend time establishing yourself as an expert in your field both locally and globally. To establish your local reputation, you can offer free public seminars on your industry, contact local radio and television shows to be featured on the air and write a column in the local newspaper. All of this requires you to be persistent with your local media outlets until you are able to get on the air and in print. Your international and national reputation can be established by creating your own blog, becoming a regular on message boards dealing with your industry and writing articles for content websites. Make sure that your company name is associated with everything you do, and take plenty of marketing materials to give away.

Business Cards

In order to be an effective advertising medium for your company, you need to be prepared to talk business at all times. Have 1,000 business cards printed up for your business, and take them with you wherever you go. When you start up a conversation with someone, give her your card. Post your card on local public message boards and leave piles of your business cards in public areas.
Advertise Your Business

Community Service

Become a fixture at local community events, and become known as a sponsor of the worthy causes in your area as part of a good way to advertise your business, according to You win because your company name gets to be seen by people all over the community, and your advertising will appear as newspaper articles and television news channels give publicity to the charity events. The charities win because you are offering active participation and donations to their cause.


Advertising is more than just putting a display ad in the newspaper or creating a humorous television commercial. The best kind of advertising for your company is word-of-mouth advertising that creates a constant flow of referrals. Start networking with complementary companies in your area, and begin referring business to each other. If you own a store that sells music, then start talking to the local stereo retailers in your area and set up a customer referral network. The more businesses you partner with, the more your company name comes up when your partners' clients need your products or services.

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